Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool 9

Why do you think it is important to tie the technology to the objective?  It makes learning more enjoyable and fun for the students, keeps them more focused with new technology and it helps the students stay current with technology.

Why should we hold students accountable for the stations/centers? It is part of life and growing up us young men and women to learn and be held responsible for their actions. Also, it teaches responsibility.

Visit 2 of the applicable links to interactive websites for your content/grade level. Which sites did you like. How could you use them as stations? How can you hold the students accountable for their time in these stations? There were not a lot of websites for HPE activities but I liked YouTube for demonstrations of sporting events and skills for all levels. Also, the use of Animoto videos to tape on disk the students actually applying the skills they were taught in practicing activities used in game type situations. Once they see the skill level they are currently at and how funny it may look, they might pay more attention to the instructions of said skills.

List two to three apps you found for the iPod Touch/iPad that you can use in your classroom. What do you see that station looking like? How can you hold the students accountable for their time in these stations? We could use the BMI index for testing of each students Body Mass Index. We could create personal charts for each student and they could place their BMI scores on the chart. Then we could set up a running chart and weight lifting chart along with nutritional chart to set each individuals goals on losing or gaining weight and building muscle and cardiovascular endurance. They will be held accountable by reaching or not reaching their BMI goal.

What about other ways to use the iPod Touch/iPad? Share another way you can see your students using the device as a station. The students can use the iPad or iTouch by recording each others Fitness test scores or by the number of push-ups, sit-ups or laps run around the track in 6 minutes.

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