Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool 7

Content Objective: 
To work congruently with all Northbrook HS Coaches and various University Coaches.

Attempt to implement during the 2012 - 2013 basketball season.

What tools do you plan to use:
NHS is currently using Google docs with their HPE classes as the asynchronous way and we would like to implement Skype as our synchronous way of communication.

Brief description of the project plan:
The basketball coaches at NHS could bring together and share ideas on Offenses, Defenses, Presses and various plays from out of bounds to transition breaks. Through our synchronous methods we could communicate with other coaches to discuss players skills, weaknesses and game strategies.  We could also discuss players and strategies with College Coaches.  Also, use of bulletin board for statistics, question and answers, videos to show actions where the play was broken down and how we need to execute in future activities.

If you need to find another classroom:  Through synchronous methods our classroom could be virtually anywhere we decide.  All we would need is a time to meet via Skype and continue the meetings from any location with a connection.

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